Do you find it difficult to explain your vision/message/mission to the world?

Need help getting something out there in double quick time that you’re really proud of?

Or is there just not enough time in your week to post consistently on social media, send out a personality-loaded newsletter to your community, create a beautiful lead magnet, publish a valuable blog post, write a landing page that sells, write a course or polish up your website copy?

Once upon a brand…

Your story begins with the connection made when someone hears your name for the first time, when they see your logo, visit your website, read your about page and experience your interactions on social media.

How a person feels about your brand typically determines whether they buy your product or service.

By giving your products or services an identity and sharing stories that resonate with your ideal folks you can take your audience on a journey they want to experience. 

Creating authentic and conversational content is the most glorious way for your clients or customers to form a personal connection with your business.

website copy
Copy confident

  • Copyediting
  • Web copy
  • Blog posts & articles (SEO)
  • Landing pages & funnel
  • Case studies
  • Lead magnet copy & design
  • Social media copy & image creation
  • Product descriptions
  • Brochures, guides & workbook
  • Newsletters & nurture sequences
  • Comms & content strategy

    From £85 

    You can book a day, short-term project support, recurring or long term package.

Not sure exactly what you want or need? Just need to pick my brains?

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website copy

How it works…

Step one

Firstly, we’ll hop on the phone or have a video call to chat about your project

I’ll send over my proposal and if you’re happy then I’ll send you a welcome guide containing notes from our conversation and my T&C’s, invoice for 50% deposit and questionnaire.

The questionnaire will capture everything I need to know about your business; what makes your brand tick, and understand what you need, so that I can create copy that speaks to your target audience and communicates your core message.

Step two

Now you can sit back and relax while I begin crafting. Your copy is in good hands.

If you’re a new client this will start with me doing lots and lots of research!

I will look at the big picture and check out your competitors while having your clients and customers in mind.

I take all the research and your questionnaire answers and add it into copy with a cohesive message that flows from every word.

Step three

A week later the copy will land in your inbox. You might love it and feel that it’s ready to go. In which case, yay!

However, if that’s not the case then don’t worry, we can now do some tweaking, my proposal includes two rounds of changes so please be honest with your feedback. The more detailed the better.

We can go through it together or you can add your comments to the document. I’ll go away, make the changes. A few days later you will have your brand new, polished and refined, final copy.

Step four

That’s it. You will have your fabulous copy – that you could’ve only ever dreamed of before we met.

I’ll send over the final invoice and I’d love some feedback on how much you enjoyed the process, or areas where you think it could be improved. I love feedback!

And finally, don’t forget we’re a team now, any time you need me, just give me a call!